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Classic Paper Snowflakes

 It sure feels like winter these days! Brr! However, that beautiful now falling outside sure makes up for the freezing cold. To celebrate those magnificent ice crystals. we decided to make some good ol’ paper snowflakes! A classic!
❅ paper
❅ scissors
❅ hole punch (optional)
Check out this awesome link for cutting patterns!
enjoy! xo
INSTRUCTIONS ① Start with a square of any size. ② Fold across once. ③ Fold once again. ④ Bring oposite corners together (and folded sides on top of each other) and fold.
Cutting time!
The fun part… cutting! Start by trimming the long edge of the triangle in order to end up with an even cone shape (see above). cut shapes  along the 3 edges of the snowflake. Make sure to avoid cutting the folded edge completely, or else you’ll end up with a bunch of triangles! Open and voilà! Magic! It never gets old! I even put some up in the window of my apartment!
Use a fancy hole puncher for added pizzazz!
We even decorated the window with them! Now its snowing outside
AND inside!

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