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DIY Paper Basket

Hi again! It’s almost Christmas and my husband has been baking up a storm! I wanted to bring over a little box of cookies to the neighbour who plowed our driveway this morning, but I didn’t have a box or a paper plate! My oh my! Pinterest to the rescue! I found a tutorial for a paper basket with a paper plate (I have sooo many at school!! Darn!), but I figured I could just use a sheet of scrapbooking paper instead. I even got to use some Christmas paper to add a little festive touch. It actually turned out awesome! I printed the template and placed it on top of the scrapbooking paper and cut it out. I used a stapler to attach the little flaps. I also added a bigger circle of parchment paper on the inside and a little string. So cute!


ADORABLE! (the neighbours loved it!)

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