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DIY Salty Oceans!

Summer…How I love you! To celebrate summer and the beach we made an awesome craft during our last week of school… My last craft ever at my  Montessori Preschool *sniff* (I’m now a supply teacher for a school board). So here it is: a Salty Ocean Scene, complete with sharks, starfish, whales and fishies! It even doubled as a science experiment: we played with salt!

The Science: “Lightly sprinkle salt on the picture while it is still wet. Watch the texture increase as the salt absorbs the water around it but leaves the pigment behind.The chemical reaction leaves light spots where the salt grains landed.”

♒ watercolours
 ♒ paintbrushes
 ♒ paper
♒ table salt
♒ construction paper
♒ glue
♒  scissors
♒ coloring pencils
♒ cardstock (for stencils)

Start by making a beautiful watercolor backgrounds….
Then ciut out some fun ocean creatures (you can make
stencils for the hard ones like sharks and whales!)
Ta-dam! Look at these guys!

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