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DIY Simple Baby Bibs

I made these simple baby bibs last week for my friend Jess! She’s expecting soon and I got to make her some fun handmade goodies! i adore how tiny everything is and I especially LOVED shopping in the baby/kid section at my fabric store… Cuteness OVERLOAD! Here’s how I made my simple baby bibs!

♥ crafting cotton i.e. broadcloth (plain)
♥ thin cotton flannel (patterned)
♥ coordinating thread
♥ sewing machine
♥ bib pattern

Pin your pattern (I used the one from One Yard Wonders, but you can print this one) and cut the fabric for the front and the back of your bib.
Pin RIGHT sides together and sew along the edge. Make sure to leave an opening at the bottom of about 2″ so that you can flip it right side out. Clip curves and turn right side out.
Press all along the edge and tuck in the opened bottom edge.  Sew all along the edge. Sew a button and make a button hole as well. You could alternately sew velcro or even a snap! Voilà!
I love baby fabrics… tiny elepohants and birds?! ADORABLE!



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