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DIY Squirrel Valentines!

Hi there! Wow is life ever busy jumping around substituting from school to school. Luckily, I just found out that I get to stay in the kindergarten I’ve been in for the past 3 weeks for a whole other month! YAY! So kids get get ready to learn and have a whole bunch of fun doing it!

Yesterday afternoon, I had a craft urge i just needed to scratch, so I figured that I might as well make these munchkins some valentines… Why not, any chance to craft it up!

xo Happy Valentines Day!

        ♥ Stencil (see below)
        ♥ colored card stock
        ♥ fine black marker
        ♥ glue stick
        ♥ scissors
        ♥ coloring pencils
        ♥ felt hearts
        ♥ heart stamp & stamp pad


Instructions: 1. Cut a square piece of white cardstock. 2. Stamp little hearts all over. 3. Trace and cut out your squirrel (body and tail) and paste onto the cardstock. 4. Add a little felt heart that will turn into a the heart balloon! 5. With a black marker add details: face, hands, balloon rope and border. Draw little fur lines on the tail with a colored pencil.
Voilà! Now you can write a sweet little message at the back!
Squirrel stencil to print

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