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DIY Yay! Card

Hi again! Today I wanted to make a happy little card for a friend who is celebrating something special tomorrow ❤️. I decided to cut out a glittery “YAY” with my Cricut, but opted to make the rest of the card by hand. I ended using my star paper punches and a whole bunch of cardstock scraps leftover from other projects (I keep a bin full of them). I punched out a lot of small stars, and then decided to also add some mini ones in the mix. I was only going to glue a few… then I ended up filling the whole card! Hah! I love it!


  • various pieces of cardstock
  • one blank 5×7″ card (I used another piece of carstock)
  • star paper punches
  • glue
  • optional:word cut-out with a Cricut
I got to use a bunch of cardstock scraps! the patterned one didn’t end up looking great, so I didn’t end up using it.
Looks great! A little over the top…but so am I!

Makes me think of my Confetti Card post I did a few years ago!

Here’s a slighty “less busy” version! 🙂

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