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Easy DIY Bird Mobile!

Beautiful birds! For a whole afternoon last week, we drew beautiful & colorful birds with pastels, then hung them in a mobile to look like they are always flying! Perfect for a child’s bedroom! Wanna make one?
   ✶ cardstock or printable sheet
   ✶ pastels or crayons
   ✶ scissors
   ✶ fishing wire or string
   ✶ 2 sticks (bamboo or shish kabob)
   ✶ pipe cleaner
   ✶ hole puncher
What you need top do:Make the birds by drawing some on heavy paper or printing the template sheet down below. Draw both sides so that when they spin, it’ll be even more colourful! You can make 4… or even 12! ② Hang the birds by punching a hole and attaching a piece of fishing wire to them. Next, make the wooden X by taking your two sticks and securing them with a pipe cleaner that you’ll wrap in the middle. hang 1-2 birds on each “section” of the X. ③ Now pick a good ceiling spot and hang your mobile!
So many pretty birds! Make sure to color both sides!
Use fishing wire to hang the birds, so that it looks like
they are flying!
This one has a penguin… Even though they don’t fly!

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