Extreme Gift Wrapping!

wonderful friend Andrea is getting married and her shower had a theme for gifts…  Lingerie or anything starting with “L”! So I got together with my friend Lolo (That’s her on the left! check out her Blog: Sincerely, Lolo!) and we rocked the theme!

Each little gift was individually wrapped and labelled with a word starting with the letter “L”… Does it show i’m a school teacher?! HAH!

…Something lacy, luring, lushious, lovely, light, and even “Something Lolo” (she made a fantastic drawing of a love bus!)

And then the wrapping! WOAH! Everything in little wooden boxes, plus feathers, rose petals, birds, butterflies, ribbons, beautiful papers! We make a pretty good team Lolo (even if it did take us 3 hrs to do! Heh)

Our local dollar store was full of treasures for this gift wrapping odyssee! And what a hit it was! Nothing says “I love you” like some special little handmade and personal touches.

All wrapped up!

Happy Sunday!

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