Flannel Bear Pillow

there! I’ve been busy making an awesome bear pillow this morning! Next year I’m moving to a portable classroom, outside, so I’ve decided to transform it into a cabin. On top of that, our school theme is the canadian forest… how perfect is that?! Every class chose an animal. For my grade 2 class, I chose the bear! Perfect for my whimsical cabin!

Yesterday, i went to Fabircland and bought some brown flannel to make my bear pillows, inspired from this link I found on Pinterest. So soft and cozy! I ended up using a 14inch zipper, which bunches a little. For my second one, I’ll use a different one!

I started crafting some things, but I’m so excited to get in my class in a couple weeks! Stay tuned!

Hand stiching the face features!
The face is all done! Cute!
Took an old throw cusion and made it round. Ready to stuff it!
Also made this little guy out of the scraps of flannel!

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