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I ♡ You Monster Cards!

Hi! We had a busy week making some awesome crafts for Father’s Day at school and getting ready for the end of the school year! Look at these adorable I love you cards! The “I” is a hole that shows an eye ball  and when open it… BAM! A MONSTER! Adorable and Silly: what every card should be.

 ♥ white cardstock
 ♥ black marker
 ♥ red construction paper
 ♥ coloring pencil
 ♥ scissors
 ♥ letter stamps & ink pad (optional

Instructions: Fold a piece of cardstock in half and trim to desire card size. Cut out a circle in the middle/left side of the card front. Fold and trace the “hole” on the inside of the card. Draw in an eye ball with a black marker. Open your card and draw a silly creature around the eye! Then decorate the front! Cut and paste a little red heart and stamp the work “You”. Ta dam!

Pretty cute on the outside…..
BAM! Look at these MONSTERS inside!!!
Perfect for father’s day or any occasion where you wanna
tell someone I LOVE YOU!



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