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Paper Kites!

We were looking for a new craft to decorate our windows at school, so I decided we needed kites. Then my co-worker suggested we turn them into “stained glass” using tissue paper!!! Now we have beautiful kites that catch the sun’s light! So pretty and perfect for summer!

☁ Cardstock or heavy cardboard
☁ Tissue paper
☁ Crayons
☁ Glue
☁ Scissors
☁ Scotch tape
☁ Yarn and ribbons

Cut ou a simple frame, making sure you leave two triangle
shapes! Encourage the kids to draw on it making patterns!
Then carefully apply some glue and lay some tissue paper
down. You can use different colours!
Add a some yarn and ribbons for the tail and secure it with tape!
So pretty hanging in the sunny windows at school!

Wanna make a paper kite that actually flies? Try this one... made with a paper bag!

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