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Shrink Art Creations!

Hey there! We’ve been crafting up a storm at school this past week. The kids are all done their work for the year so I’ve been bringing in all my special craft supplies! The kids LOVED this project. They got to find their favorite stuff on the internet and then trace it onto their piece of Shrink Art! We had everything from kawaii cupcakes, kitties to FIFA soccer balls. Then, we added a little string and a key-ring and turned them into keychains after! Hooray!

Materials: coloring pencils, black sharpie, scissors, key-rings, hole puncher and Shrink Art (or Shrinky Dinky, found at you local craft store).

① Draw your image on the rough side of your Shrink Art piece. It’s it transparent, place your favorite image underneath and trace it!
② Trace the outline with a black sharpie.
③ Cut your shape out and punch a hole. *Don’t forget this step. It’ll be impossible to do once it’s shrunken and thicker.
④ Bake at 325°F for 30 seconds or until completely shrunken.
⑤ String it onto a key-ring and voila! You’re done!


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All the awesome creations! Look at these little creative geniuses!
Before it gets shrunken! Amazing!

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