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Superhero Mask Craft!

Today at school, we had a super special guest come visit us: Philippe, creator of the cartoon “The league of Super Evil“! How cool is that?!

The kids got to see some fun clips and ask some questions and then… BAM! We all became superheros by creating our very own Superhero Masks! hurray! Oh and we even made up a superhero dance!

Wanna make one? you’ll need:

⚡ Construction paper
    ⚡ Ribbons
⚡ Pipe cleaners
⚡ Hole puncher
    ⚡ Glue
⚡ Scissors

You can also download these printable mask

Step 1: Print and cut your template
Step 2: Trace the template on construction paper and cut.
Now you can decorate!
Step 3: Decorate! Draw, glue…. whatever you like!
To finish, add a pipe cleaners on either side to wrap
around the head (you can also use string)!
You can even cut fun superhero shapes like stars and
lightning bolts!

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