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Tiny Banner Card

My lovely cousin had a baby shower today and I realized I forgot to make a card to go with my gift! No worries though, I go out my scraps of paper and whipped something up! I made a card with tiny pennant banner on it! Easy and fast to make! While the glue was drying, I got ready to go out! 🙂 Happy crafting!

♥ coloured cardstock
♥ scraps of patterned paper
♥ glue
♥ scissors
♥ black marker
♥ coloured string

❶ Fold your coloured cardstock in half to make a card (I like to make mine square).
❷ Cut up a bunch of tiny triangles with patterned paper.
❸ Glue down a string making a curved line (see picture above).
❹ Glue your little triangles along the string.
❺ Write a message/greeting with a black marker (mine means congratulations in French!).

You’re done!
So cute with this pink gift!

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