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Adorable DIY Hair Bows!

Oh Hello friends!

I hope everyone is having some great holidays! I’m enjoying relaxing and taking a break from school!

Today I decided to make some adorable hair bows and also to create a tutorial in case you’d like to make some as well! (note the extra photoshop fanciness! Hurray vacation and extra time!) It’s sooooo easy and almost no sewing  required!

Enjoy ♥

Natalie xo

♡ Scrap fabric
– one 1.5” x 3.5” for the loop
– one 8.5” x 3”for the bow
♡ Scissors
♡ Thread+ needle
♡ Iron

①Get you supplies ready. ②Fold the longer sides of the fabric about 1cm and press with an iron. ③Take the longer piece. Fold one end towards the middle. ④ Repeat with the other end. ⑤ Bunch the middle together (make an accordion!) and sew through to secure it. ⑥ Take the smaler piece of fabric (loop), fold it in half and sew across the bottom. ⑦ Make sure the seam is an inch away from the the fold. ⑧ Turn the loop inside out and pull the bow through it. ⑨Admire your beautiful finished bow. I usually add a drop of glue to secure the loop to the bow. ⑩ Insert a boby pin in the little loop and voilà!

I made a special Christmas one for the last day at school!

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