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Aquarium in a Box!

Hi there! I wanted to share this adorable craft with you… made from a recycled cardboard box (Love using recycled materials !) I’ve been working with two awesome little artists this past week and we’ve done AMAZING projects! Hurray! We spent maybe 4 hours working on this fun aquarium craft.You can create a magical underwater world with fish, whales, squids, seahorses, crabs…. whatever you want with an empty box and a couple supplies!

     ✰Cardboard box
     ✰Various papers (wrapping paper, construction paper)
     ✰Glue gun & regular glue
     ✰Markers or crayons
     ✰Fun objects: oyster shells, rocks, beads, goggly eyes, etc.

Start by pasting blue paper inside the box to make the water!
Next, start making all sorts of creatures!
Many of them are attached with pipe cleaners, so that they
“pop out”! We glued a pipe cleaner to the back of a creature
 and poked it through one of the sides of the box (secure
it with tape)
Look at this little crab! We even added rocks we found in
the backyard! 
The Sea theme continued later on with watercolours!

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