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Birds On a String!

Want a good way to add some colour and life to a classroom?! Decorate it with mobiles! At school, we hang them in the widows in lieu of curtains! I wish you could see how beautiful it makes our class! And the kids love them!

We even managed to link it with our new artist of the month for March, Robert Rauschenberg, inspiring ourselves from his abstract/collage techniques!

Wanna make one?!

  What you’ll need:
✂ white glue
✂ various patterned papers
✂ old newpapers
✂ white cardstock
✂ pastels
✂ scissors + whole punch
✂ paintbrushes
✂ yarn

To make this mobile, cut out a simple bird silhouette from cardstock. Apply glue and paste small
pieces of paper randomly, covering the bird. After 3 or 4, make a small whole in the head and
string them on a piece of yarn (and don’t forget to make little knots)!
Some collage tips:

✂ Use a paintbrush to spread white glue! You can even add a layer on top!
✂ Use bits of recycled paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper… whatever!
✂ Use torn up pieces of newspaper!
✂ Draw with pastels at the end to add even more texture!

Who needs curtains when you have these lovely mobiles!?

Also, it dawned on me as I was reflecting on my day of bird mobiles and yoga (with 4 year olds… so adorable- they have NO balance hah!) that I’m so darn lucky to hang out with these adorable cheerful little munchkins all day! I’ve started to make a gratitude list every night of things i’m grateful for that happened during the day… Today’s list includes some tiny little hugs, hilarious new made up yoga moves, a stranger opening a door for me while I was carrying groceries and some shared laughter at work. It helps so much, especially when you’re feeling blue or having a rough day….What are you grateful for?

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    I always learn something new from your posts. This one was particularly enlightening.

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