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DIY Bird Valentines!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I don’t know if you’re like me, but I have about 25 valentines to make! (Mostly for my sweet and adorable students!) So I wanted to make a simple design with maximum cuteness! Success! I made ’em all in under 2 hours! Wanna make em!? SO EASY!

You’ll need:
     ❧ White cardstock
     ❧ Black and red construction paper
     ❧ Markers
     ❧ Glue, scissors, and hole punch
① Cut and fold paper to form a square card. ② Cut and paste simple bird outline. Cut out a bunch at once by folding a strip of paper multiple times and cut through all the layers at once. ③ Cut and paste a small heart. ④ Punch out a hole in the cardstock and use the little dot for an eye! ⑤ Add the finishing touches with markers, a bubble, a small heart, legs and a border! Voilà!

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