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Egg Carton Penguins!

Penguins! Who doesn’t love ’em!? The kids at school go craaaazy for them, and I have to admit that watching Happy Feet, makes me pretty darn happy… Come on, a tap-dancing penguin? Does’t get cuter than that! Since we are exploring the continent of Antarctica at school, we decided to make the little guys for Friday’s craft…AND out of recycled materials: egg cartons!

Wanna make one? You’ll need….
     ❅ Egg cartons (two “cups” per penguin)
     ❅ Black tempera paint
     ❅ Construction paper
     ❅ Yarn
     ❅ Pipe cleaners
     ❅ Glue
     ❅ Scissors
     ❅ Googly eyes


① Start by cutting out the little cups in the egg carton and painting the exterior black. ② When the paint is dry, glue two together, to form the body of your penguin. ③ Cut out a belly, a beak, wings and feet out of construction paper and glue on. ④ Accessorize! Ear muffs, scarves, hair… Let your imagination soar! 

All done!
We even made little icebergs out of white card stock (Wrapped around small yogurt containers!)!

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