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Fall Leaf Garland

Fall colours! I just love ’em! I wanted to buy some garlands to decorate my classroom but everything was either too cheap looking (dollar store) or to expensive (craft store). So I decided to make my own! I found this awesome template one one of my favourite blogs, a Beautiful Mess. Also, it shows my students that you don’t always have to buy stuff, you can make it instead!

❧ coloured cardstock
❧ yarn
❧ needle (big one for yarn)
❧ scissors
❧ printer

① Download the template and print onto your cardstock (I only printed the pattern on half the sheets).
② Cut out the leaves (I cut two sheets at once – one with the image, one without underneath).
③ “Sew” the yarn into each leaf, alternating colours!
④ Voilà!

Pretty colours! 
Looks so cute on my classroom door!

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