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Felted Flowers Wreath

I had a fun morning yesterday… making a new wreath! The best part of it? It cost me a whole 79 cents. I bought a foam tube from the hardware store, duct-taped it into a circle and wrapped beautiful ribbons and yarn around it! I decorated it with Felted Flowers I made and added things from my craft bin! Awesome!

❀ Foam tube from hardware store
❀ Duct tape
❀ Felt – various colors
❀ Buttons, beads & fake flowers
❀ Ribbon and yarn
❀ Tacky glue
❀ Scissors
❀ Needle and thread

Step 1: Tape your tube into a circle
Step 2 – Wrap some yarn and ribbon around the whole thing.
Secure ends with glue.
All wrapped up!
Step 3 – Make some felted flowers. See the easy tutorial here.
Add anything else: beads, fake flowers, birds, butterflies…
Anything you want!
Love birds closeup!
My door is soooo fancy now… and ready for Spring! ♥

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