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Hey guys! It’s been a while! I’ve been so busy starting the year in a grade 5… And making crafts, of course! Early in the year, i decided that every last period on Friday afternoon would be a “free period”. I don’t wanna teach and the kids are tired too! So I’ve started organizing Friday Crafts. The kids can do them if they want, or play a game or whatever. But let me tell you, these are crazy popular! It’s also a nice challenge for me finding crafts for older kids (I’m used to preschool)!

One of our first Friday crafts was these origami creature bookmarks. I found the instructions on Youtube and loved them instantly! So easy  to make and a HUGE hit. I think one girl made 10! Haha!

My little fox!

  ➼ colored paper or thin construction paper
  ➼ white printer paper
  ➼ black sharpies
  ➼ glue
  ➼ scissors

       Instructions on youtube found here

You can make them all different!

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