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Group of 7 for Preschoolers

So if you live in Canada and know a little about art, you’ve probably heard of the Group of 7.  You can’t really escape it. They are Canada’s pride and joy.

Tom Thompson’s Jack Pine

I have a confession for my readers: I’m not a big fan of these guys… I never was and never will be, or so I thought. My whole life i’ve tried to dodge them, but couldn’t escape them in a high school art project, some university essays, and *gulp* giving guided tours of their work at the NGC. My worst fear was someone asking me all their names during a tour…Hmmmm… MacDonald, Carmichael, Harris, Jackson, Thompson… Ugh is that 7 yet?….. Man. I forget.

However, I think today, a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds managed to convince me that these guys were pretty amazing, with their use of strange colours and their letting go of rigid conventions. My students show me constantly how to open yourself up to a magical and beautiful world of innocence. Thanks little guys. ♥

Group of 7 landscape-collage!

To make this craft, you will need:
❧ White cardstock
❧ Pastels
❧ Glue
❧ Yarn
❧ Twigs, seeds, lentils, etc…

For this craft, we talked about landscapes in general and the Group of 7. All I did before-hand was draw two line on each piece of white cardstock: one for the water, and one for the mountains. The kids were free to create after that!

And look at them go!

Check out the amazing results! They actually blew my mind.
so meticulous! All these are so different! 🙂
And my favorite! (this kid is 4 years old guys! Woah!)

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