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DIY Fabric Covered Tin Can

Hi there! I hope you’re having a happy Sunday!
I somehow ended up with a spring cold and I’m forcing myself to stay home and take it easy…. It’s pretty hard for me! So I decided to have a craft day! We worked with tin cans at school last week, so I thought, there must be some fun “grown-up” projects I can do with them too! And lo and behold… the fabric covered tin can! You can use it as a vase, as a plant pot, or whatever you like! I used mine as a utensil holder… adds a splash of fun (and flowers) to the kitchen!
Happy crafting!  ♥

① Get your materials ready: a tin can, a hot glue gun and some fabric. It should be long enough to wrap around the can and the height of the can + 5 inches. ② Wrap around the can, fold one edge and glue in place (you could also sew it to make it more fancy). Make sure that you have about 1.5” at the bottom and 3.5” at the top (the opening). ③ Fold the edge over the opening of the can and glue in place. ④ cut little strips (about an inch) all around the bottom fabric. Fold and hot glue in place. ⑤ Repeat for all the little strips… and voilà! You’re done!


Look at this! They make beautiful vases too! For more Fabric scraps projects, check out this fun blog!

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