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Tin Can Drum!

Music! Everyone loves music… especially kids. So here’s a fun little project: drums! The kids at school lost their minds and couldn’t put them down! We even added lentils inside so that they could double as shakers! So fun!

What you’ll need:
♫ Tin can
♫ Canvas or fabric
♫ Yarn
♫ Construction paper
♫ Crayons
♫ Scissors
♫ Glue
♫ Hot glue gun


① Cut a strip of paper that is the the height of the can and that is big enough to
 wrap around it.
② Draw and Decorate.
③ Glue in place.
④ Cut a square of canvas that can cover the top (you draw on it if you like!).
⑤ Throw a couple lentils (or rice or beans) in the can.
⑥ Hot glue the canvas to the top of the can, trying to stretch it as much as you can.
⑦ Wrap some yarn around it and voilà! Time for a concert!
All shapes and sizes… Awesome!

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