Fabric Gift Bag!

Hi there! I wanted to share one of my sustainable projects with you: my fabric gift bags! Lately I’ve been trying to use only sustainable gift wrap: kraft paper, kraft paper bags, paper ribbon, etc… I love that those are recyclable, but this gift bag is by far my favorite (when I have time to sew one up!) because it can be reusable as a fun diddy bag for whatever you like 9shoes, travel, etc.). The best part is that I got to use small pieces of leftover fabric! My pieces were 12 x 18″ to start off with, but really, the bag can be any size… as big or as small as you want!

What you’ll need

  • two pieces of 12 x 18″ of fun patterned cotton fabric
  • two pieces of 12 x 18″ of plain cotton fabric
  • coordinating thread + sewing machine
  • ruler
  • ribbon or string
  • a tool to thread the ribbon : bodkin, loop turner or safety pin


Looks great with a cupcake gift tag! Post HERE!
Here are some drawstring diddy bags I made for my nephews and niece at christmas! and the Post HERE!

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