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Fall Sunflowers!

New school year = new crafts! Hurray! I’m so excited for all the new projects that await us this year! Today, in  honour of our new beautiful season – Fall –  we created some adorable paper sunflowers. And what did we use for the brown middle part?! Dried brown leaves!! Perfect! Wanna make one?

❁ Paper plates
❁ Dried brown leaves
❁ Yellow washable paint
❁ Sponges
❁ Glue
❁ Scissors
❁ Long popsicle sticks
❁ Green construction paper

  1. Take a paper pate and cut slits all around to make petals.
  2. Paint the plate yellow with a sponge
  3. Apply glue in the middle and gently place dried leaves
  4. Attach a stick for the stem and glue a small green leaf, cut from green construction paper!
So simple and adorable!
Our inspiration!
In our garden!

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