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Hand-Painted Cottage Signs

Hello again! I’ve already started to get ready for back-to-school. This year, I’m leaving my classroom and headed into a portable, outside the school. I decided to call my new classroom a “cabin”. Sounds a little more fun than “portable”. Then I decided to make these signs for all the “cabins” that we’ll hang in the inside of the windows, facing the school yard! They will look so cute with my Flannel Bear Pillows! I promise to take a pic once they’re up

To make this project, I found this nice piece of wood that was stained gray at the hardware store. It was 12 feet long, so I cut it into four 3-foot pieces. All for $12! Afterwards, I stained them white and did some light sanding when they dried.

Then, I wrote what I wanted on my computer and printed it out. I rubbed pencil behind my sheet of paper to turn it into graphite transfer pape

Once the words were transferred on my piece of wood, I painted it in with acrylic paint

I added little details little a little pennant banner and some stars. I also stapled a string behind to be able to hang it. I can’t wait to show my colleagues!

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