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Handmade Christmas: Paper Ball Ornament

Hi there! Some of you may know that my husband loves Christmas and likes to have different themes for our tree. This years’ theme is “Handmade Christmas”. I love it! Everything on our tree is handmade! We have bought a few hand painted or hand made ornaments in stores, but the rest is mostly made by me! I love it!
So I’d like to start byt showing you our handmade paper balls. I bought a special 2.5in hole punch and we made a whole bunch. My students loved the craft too! There’s a bunch of tutorials on Pinterest. But they are so easy!


1. Cut (or punch) 6 circles.

2. Fold them in half, pattern side, inside the fold.

3. Glue back-to-back, one half at a time.

4. Before closing, insert a looped string.

5. VoilĂ !

Glue each half back to back
So many ornaments!
Looks great next to our paper chain!

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