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Painting with Marbles!

I’m working at a new school for the month of July and wanted to share a fun project we did the other day…. Painting with marbles!

What you’ll need:
✪ marbles
    ✪ tempera paint
    ✪ bowls
    ✪ spoons
    ✪ construction paper
    ✪ medium cardboard box
    ✪ masking tape

What you need to do: Tape a piece of construction paper (or any paper, really) to the bottom of a cardboard box. Pour some paint out in a bowl and drop the marbles in it. With a spoon, take a marble (covered in paint) out of the bowl and drop it in the box. Move the box around so that the marble travels along the paper and watch the cool traces it leaves behind. Repeat with another colour and voilà!

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