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Recycled Yogurt Drink Vase!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE crafts made from recycled things. At school we always try to turn applesauce cups, toilet rolls and tin cans into beautiful works of art. So why not make something with yogurt drink bottles?!

We decided to make some beautiful vases (inspired from this site) with tissue paper and glue! Plus, we now have vases to put our tissue paper flowers into!

Materials :
❀ Empty and clean yogurt drink bottles
❀ Tissue paper (cut into small pieces)
❀ White glue or Mod Podge
❀ Small paint brush

First, drink some Yogurt drinks and clean your containers!
Then, apply some glue (or Podge) to the bottle with a paint
brush and paste some pieces of tissue paper. When the
vase is covered, give it another coat of glue to seal it!
the kid’s vases! Beautiful!
Goes so well with the tissue paper flowers! Wanna make some?
Click here for the instructions!

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