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Shrink Art Hand Keychain!

SHRINK ART! I looooooove this product!

You can make an artwork, cut it out any shape you like, and then shrink it in the oven! It becomes way smaller AND thicker than the original! AMAZING!  To continue with our Father’s Day hand-themed crafts, we made tiny hand key chains for Dad! Oh, and the kids loved their “tiny shrunken hands”… I’m pretty sure they thought I was a magician! 
Simply draw with permanent markers or coloring pencils and shrink in the oven at 325F! Don’t worry if it curls up. It takes about 2 minutes and it usually flattens out by itself. Here are some more complete instructions

Shrink art! You can find it (or a variation) at your local craft store!
Trace out the child’s hand and ask them to color them in
using markers or coloring pencils!
Draw with permanent markers or coloring pencils and shrink
in the oven at 325F! Don’t forget to punch a hole before
Turn it into a keychain simply
by adding an inexpensive
So tiny compared to the original hand! Awesome!

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