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HANDmade enveloppes!

As promised, here is our 3rd Father’s Day hand-themed craft!… HANDmade enveloppes! First came the handprint cards, then the Shrink Art hand keychains, now some envelopes to wrap up our gifts! So why not continue the hand theme by tracing the outline of a hand and coloring it!

Want to make you own envelopes? Here’s an easy template! You can even use colored or patterned paper and make them the size you need!

I hope all the Dads have a great day today… and love their gifts we made at school! xo

View of the enveloppe before folding and gluing!
And look! I used the handmade wrapping approach for
my dad’s gift! A handmade giftbag! I just traced this
image on a plain kraft paper bag! BAM!

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