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Toilet paper roll penguin

Hi there! Woah have I ever been busy in this latest class of TWENTY THREE 4 & 5 year old kindergarteners! They sure have lots of energy. Last week, we made these adorable (and easy!) little penguins. I think it was the only time they were all absolutely quiet… they LOVED it!

Here’s what you’ll need:
❄ toilet paper rolls
❄ black & orange construction paper
❄ white tissue paper
❄ eyes
❄ scissors
❄ glue

 Wrap the toilet paper roll in black construction paper and glue in place. Use the leftover black paper to make two wings (long triangles) and glue on each side of the roll. Cut out a white belly and glue it down. With the orange paper, cut a triangle beak and two feet. Glue two eyes and voilà!

They are all so different and adorable!
Even a hat and a scarf! GAH!
Not gonna lie, this was my fav.
So fancy and the little girl worked on it for 45 minutes.


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