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Easter Collage Bookmarks

Hi there! Happy Easter! For the past month I’ve been supplying in a grade 5 and we haven’t been crafting too much… More like lots of Math and French! However, with Easter being this weekend, I decided we were in need of a fun crafty afternoon before the long weekend! So I found a bunch of vintage easter images on the web and photocopied them onto colored paper. I brought in some fun patterned paper and we made bookmarks on little strips of bristol board! We even sealed the collage with plain old packing tape! Success!

  ✄ bristol board 2″ x 8″ strips
  ✄ Easter images (see below)
  ✄ colored paper
  ✄ patterned paper
  ✄ scissors
  ✄ glue
  ✄ hole punch
  ✄ ribbon
Vintage Easter images to print:

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