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Easy Easter Popsicle Stick Cross

Hi there! It’s Good Friday to day, and I’m having a great time relaxing at home. What a perfect time to catch up on my blog. This week we talked a lot about Easter at school, especially since I teach at a catholic school. The whole school made little crosses, but our were especially adorable! We had talked a lot about Spring and how life reapears after a long winter. We also had some great discussions on the strenght of peace, love and joy in our lives, All off this came out with this super easy-peasy craft! Check it out!

          ⏩ Popsicle sticks
          ⏩ Glue or glue gun
          ⏩ Yarn
          ⏩ Markers
          ⏩ Fine black marker


  1. With a glue gun (or white glue), glue a large popsicle stick and a narrow one together, in order to form a cross.
  2. Wrap the ontersection with yarn and secure with a knot.
  3. Decorate by drawing with markers. So easy!
All so different and adorable!
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    March 20, 2022 at 11:31 am

    Are there instructions for the crosses?

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