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Easy Fall Leaf Prints!

Fall is here along with its beautiful colourful leaves!
I love taking walks in nature and looking at this magical
time in nature! At school, we decided to gather freshly fallen
leaves (well the teachers did) and do some printmaking!
the kids ended up creating beautiful print and we even explored
the ideas of veins (you can see them so clearly in the prints!) with
a fun science experiment were we saw how veins help water travel
 to the leaves, by changing the colour of celery leaves!


❦ Washable paint
❦ Sponges
❦ Pie tray or paper plate
❦ Leaves (not too dry/brittle!)
❦ White paper
❦ Newsprint


Sponge paint onto a leaf (not too thick!). Turn it over onto a piece of paper and gently place a piece of newsprint paper on top. Gently push rub to make a nice impression. Remove the piece of newsprint and carefully lift up the leaf. Voilà! You have a fancy leaf print. Now repeat as many times as you want and fill up your whole page!

Be careful when you lift up the leaf… Be sure not to smudge
the paint!
You can even mix up the colours and make multicolour
leaf prints!
So pretty! Perfect fall craft!

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