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Enchanted 3D Paper Garden

Look at this fun 3D paper craft! The artists I was working with decided to make an enchanted garden with fairies in it, but you could easily turn it into a garden with hidden creepy crawlers as well! Wanna make one?

You’ll need
   ❉ empty milk carton
❉  construction paper
❉ pipe cleaners
❉ tissue paper
❉ artificial flowers (optional)
❉ scissors

Step 1: cut the top off a juice or milk carton. Step 2: Cover it with green paper (like you’re wrapping a gift)
Step 3: Fold the paper on the bottom but leave about 4 inches sticking up from the top. Step 4: Cut the paper sticking out  into strips, to look like grass

❉ glue & hot glue gun

Step 5: Curl the paper grass (like you would ribbon with
scissors). You can also add more so that it looks fuller.
Step 6: Add flowers on pipe cleaner stems. You can use
artificial ones or make them from tissue paper using this
tutorial. Tape them inside the box.
We even made little clothespin fairies, inspired from this
Martha Stewart craft: Clothespin Doll Ornament
A fairy in the garden!
Our craft table!!! Working hard!

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