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Little Toilet Paper Roll Robots

Hi there! This week we are reading a funny little stroy about a magical robot in French class, so I thought the kids could invent their own little guys! I actually have motors and everything at my place, but since class is virtual these days, toilet paper rolls it is! I’m trying to come up with crafts that the kids can do at home with things they probably have. The inspiration came from this post I found. The kids can print the sheet with all the robot body parts, or draw their own on a sheet of paper!

The one on the left is hand-drawn, the right uses the prinout!

Here’s what you’ll need:
  ⚙ Toilet paper roll
  ⚙ Foil
  ⚙ Scissors
  ⚙ Glue
  ⚙ Printout or paper & black marker

Cover your tube with foil and look at all the different combos!

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