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So Fresh DIY Bathroom Painting

Hi there! I’m off work this week for March break! Woohoo! Since this is/will be an expensive year (new house, new car, wedding), I opted for a stay-cation. How better to kick it off with some Monday morning crafting! I’ve been looking for some artwork for my bathroom for a while. I’ve found some nice prints, but I was worried that the humidity of the bathroom would make them ripple. Getting them printed on canvas can be a little pricy, so I decided to make a canvas myself! I spent $20 on supplies, used my leftover wall paint and it’s just perfect!
I trace over my design, and the graphite paper
underneath prints it on the canvas.

1. I found a print I liked and printed it on paper.
2. I painted a simple ombre background.
3. I transferred it using Saral graphite transfer paper. You could always “colour” the back using an HB pencil. (how to use graphite paper here)
4. I painted in the letters.


Filling in the letters (my transfer paper was white)
Just need to hang it now!
Perfect in my bathroom!

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