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Toilet Paper Roll Bats!

Boo! Did I scare you? Well these little creatures just might (although I find them cuter than scarier, but that’s just me) Best part of this craft  It’s recycled! To make these spooky winged creatures, we used toilet paper rolls! awesome! Wanna make one?

☽ Toilet paper rolls
✩ Cardstock
☽ Paint & brushes
✩ White glue
☽ Goggly eyes
✩ Pastels or crayons

① Paint your toilet paper roll whichever color you would like your bat to be. ② Cut out some bat wings (you can also use the template at the bottom of the page) and color them with pastels, crayons or whatever you prefer. ③ When the paint is dry gently fold the top edge inward so that you have two bat ears and glue the wings on. ④ Cut some fangs on and glue them on, as well as eyes! You’re done! Spooktacular!

Check out those fangs! AHHH!
All so different! I love when kids create!

Happy Halloween everyone! xo

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