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Unicorn Dreamcatchers

Hey ya’ll! I had a pretty fun fun time organizing some crafts for my coworker’s very crafty daughter. She had her birthday party yesterday and wanted some crafts that weren’t too “childish”. So I went to my go-to Shrink Art that kids ALWAYS love. I get mine from DeSerres and sand it a little to be able to use colouring pencils on them. I also wanted to find a special project that would take a while to make and that I can’t do with a large number of student in a classroom (a little guilty pleasure). After some research of Pinterest, I found some Unicorn Dreamcatchers. I was a bit reluctant since it is a traditional aboriginal craft, but I made sure to tell the kids the background info on it and told them it wasn’t a real one.

They turned out so great!

♥ 6″ metal rings
♥ yarn
♥ waxed string
♥ white glitter felt
♥ glitter poster board
♥ beads
♥ scissors
♥ glue gun
♥ embellishments (paper flowers, foam shapes, etc.)

There is a great little video at the bottom of this post from Hello Wonderful,

1. Wrap yarn around the metal hoop, covering it entirely. Add some hot glue to secure.
2. Tie the waxed string to the top of the hoop and cross over to make a star-like pattern. Add beads.
3. Cut out ears from the white felt and inner ear with pink paper.
4. Cut out a horn from glitter paper.
5. Cut your yarn that will hang at the bottom. Mine was about 1m/36″
6. Secure at the bottom with a cow hitch knot.
7. Decorate with embellishments: flowers, jewels, whatever you want!

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