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Kawaii Shrink Art

Hey again! I had a pretty fun time organizing crafts for my coworker’s very crafty daughter’s birthday party. She had her birthday party yesterday and wanted some crafts that weren’t too “childish”. We made some sweet Unicorn Dreamcatchers but I wanted another project they could do afterwards that didn’t involve as many materials, so I went to my go-to Shrink Art that kids ALWAYS love. I get the clear stuff from DeSerres and sand it a little to be able to use colouring pencils on them. The kids LOVED this project. I found a bunch of Kawaii (cute japanese) images on-line and then they trace it onto their piece of Shrink Art! We had everything from kawaii cupcakes, pandas, unicorns, you name it! Just search ________ Kawaii on-line and you’ll find adorable images. Then, we added a little metal jump hoop and a key-ring and turned them into keychains after! Hooray!

Materials: coloring pencils, x-thin black sharpies, scissors, key-rings, hole puncher, metal jump hoop, key-ring and Shrink Art (or Shrinky Dinky, found at you local craft store).

① Draw your image on the rough side of your Shrink Art piece. if it’s the clear stuff, place your favorite image underneath and trace it!
② Trace the outline with a black sharpie.
③ Cut your shape out and punch a hole. *Don’t forget this step. It’ll be impossible to do once it’s shrunken and thicker.
④ Bake at 325°F for 2 minutes, until completely shrunken and FLAT
⑤ String it onto a key-ring, earrings, a necklace, whatever you like!

Watching it Shrink!
Tracing onto the Shrink Art plastic
All shrunken and adorable!!!


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