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Valentine’s Day in kindergarten

Hi again! I just wanted to show you the fun things we made for mom & dad in class for valentine’s day. We did two fun project! “Je t’aime” (that’s french for I love you!) heart stamp cards and mini frames with heart fingerprints! so simple but BEAUTIFUL!

Heart stamps cards
❤ toilet paper rolls
❤ paint
❤ paint tray
❤ cardstock

our handmade toilet paper roll stamps!


A heart with your unique fingerprint!

Mini frame with heart fingerprint
❤ cardstock
❤ scissors
❤ paint
❤ glue
❤ mini pospsicle sticks,
❤ magnetic strips
❤ glitter
❤ paper and ink pad

Turned out great! we even stuck magnets on the back
for the fridge!
Thanks for the fingerprint idea Philippe!
Oh! and the students loved their little squirrel valentines! Check them out here!

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