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Popcorn Pillow Back Box

Hi there! It’s one of my dearest friend’s birthday party tonight and I wanted to make an extra sweet birthday card and giftwrap for him! I love going to see movies with him and sharing some warm cups of coffee over conversation. So I made him this adorable card of two coffee cups holding hands (a drawing i made a while ago) on a popcorn background! I even found this sweet website for paper box templates to print, and made a little matching paper box that i stuffed with candy! Matched with a geeky Star Trek water bottle, it’s the perfect gift for an awesome friend!! 🙂

Materials for paper box:
   ✄ patterned paper
   ✄ pillow back box template
   ✄ scissors


pillow back box template
I love my coffee and popcorn card!!!
and a personalized envelope too! 
This little guy is hiding behind the card envelope!


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