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Button Necklace!

Finished button necklace!


I lOVE buttons. I actually have multiple containers filled with a bunch of colourful buttons! I add them to almost all my sewing creations!

So when I came across a button NECKLACE, in a book, I was stoked! The one featured in the book was a whole bunch of colours, but I decided to make a red monochrome one! You basically end up “sewing” the buttons, weaving a wire through them! To finish, add a piece of chain on either side or even a ribbon!

You can also check out this sweet tutorial i found online!


            What you will need:
                         ✽ 10 big/medium vintage buttons
                         ✽ 10 small clear buttons
                         ✽ metal wire (thin)
                         ✽ chain and clasp (you can also use ribbons!)
                         ✽ pliers


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