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Cute Clothespin Reindeer!

Happy Holidays!
Christmas is in the air! The kids are getting CRAZY excited at school! We are basically doing a different craft everyday and I decided to show you my favorites on my blog!
Let’s start witht hese reindeers! These guys are pretty cute and you can use cheap wooden clothespins from the dollarstore! Hurray!
     What you’ll need for these guys:
❄ Wood clothespins
          ❄ Pipe cleaners
          ❄ Yarn/string
          ❄ Googly eyes
          ❄ Pompoms
          ❄ Glitter
          ❄ Hot glue gun
To make these guys, you need to… 1. Hot glue two clothespins together so that the the ends that “pinch” meet in the middle. 2. Paint them or draw on them with pastels. 3. Hot glue the eyes and the pompom nose. 4. For the antlers, put a pipe cleaner trough one of the little springs. 5. Attach a atring to hang in your tree! Oh and add sparkles for a final, special fancy touch!  ♥
They are all so different and soooooo cute!

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