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DIY Mini Christmas Wreath

Christmas is almost here! 10 more days! We decided to make a whole bunch of christmas ornaments at school… so here’s our very awesome mini-wreaths! They are some cute and pretty inexpensive to make! Best of all, we used up some materials that were just lying around!

❆ thick cardboard (old boxes)
❆ yarn
❆ twist ties
❆ ribbon
❆ decorations : pompoms, foam shapes, buttons, etc)
❆ glue
❆ scissors

Simply wrap some cardboard “donuts” with yarn until they are fully
covered! You can even get creative and mix up the colours.
After wrapping your “donut” in yarn, glue any little decoration you want!
So adorable and they all look so different!
A special one made by a very special little lady!
Now hanging up in my purple Christmas tree!
Merry Christmas!

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