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Shining Star Ornament

Hi there! I love pre-holiday time for all the fun crafts I get to make. Tonight I had fun making some paper crafts….beautiful shining stars for my little christmas tree. I made a big guy for the top and little ones too!

What you’ll need:
✶ paint (acrylic or watercolor)
✶ glitter glue (or loose glitter)
✶ paintbrush
✶ thick paper
✶ scissors
✶ ruler
✶ pencil
✶ x-acto knife


① paint nice tones of purples and pinks. Let dry
and paint the other side
② Add glitter all over


③ Draw a star. Start with a circle, then draw 4 lines accross,
evenly spaced out. Then, separate each section in half.
Draw the 8 points (see drawing below).
④ go over each line gently with a exacto knife, but
make sure not to go all the way through! Don’t put
 too much pressure.
⑤ Fold every crease! Voilà!
I even made little ones with the leftovers and hung them
with thread.
Yours truly with my little tree!


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