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Yarn Love Monster

i there! It’s already February so I thought I would share a few little Valentine’s day projects I’ve done in the past (and forgot to post!) as well as what I’m working on (when baby is napping). One of my FAVORITE Valentine’s Day crafts is these little Yarn monsters. The kids love them so much and would actually keep them on their desks all month. They are just too cute. I found the project on this blog: Eighteen25 and there is a great tutorial to follow.

It can be a little hard to do with a whole class at once (not recommended), so it’s better to make at the same time as another craft (maybe a V-Day card?). I had tried to “portion out” the yarn and it got super tangled. Better let the kids wrap their yarn directly from the big ball of yarn… do not pre-cut I repeat do NOT PRECUT THE YARN!

What you’ll need:

  • yarn
  • google eyes
  • tiny dixie cups (5oz)
  • pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • thick cardboard
  • glue gun
  • Little foam or paper hearts (I used my paper heart punch)

Instruction found on this blog: Eighteen25! Have fun!

This backfired and got soooooo knotted! Do not precut!!!
The kids loved addind fun details and antennas!
My examples

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